[ET Trac] #2551: include RePriMand in the ET

Roland Haas trac-noreply at einsteintoolkit.org
Mon Aug 9 10:35:14 CDT 2021

#2551: include RePriMand in the ET

 Reporter: Roland Haas
   Status: new
  Version: development version
     Type: enhancement
 Priority: major

RePrimAnd [https://github.com/wokast/RePrimAnd](https://github.com/wokast/RePrimAnd) implements and advanced con2prim scheme and EOS that could be used in the ET.

This will most likely be a multi-step process with first only the library and its C\+\+ interface being available followed eventually by a Cactus native interface and possible wrappers for existing codes that use `EOS_Omni`. There is also a design challenge in defining, once more, the set of primitives that ID thorns provide and con2prim must compute.

Ticket URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2551/include-reprimand-in-the-et
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