[ET Trac] #2553: Cactus' link command uses CPPFLAGS and CXXFLAGS

Roland Haas trac-noreply at einsteintoolkit.org
Sat Aug 21 11:26:58 CDT 2021

#2553: Cactus' link command uses CPPFLAGS and CXXFLAGS

 Reporter: Roland Haas
   Status: open
  Version: development version
     Type: bug
 Priority: minor
Component: Cactus

Comment (by Roland Haas):

I have a branch and thornlist for CarpetX that lets me compile for GPUs without having to use nvcc for linking or compiling all CXX code \(other than those thorns that mix CUDA and C\+\+ code\). See [https://bitbucket.org/eschnett/cactusamrex/wiki/Home](https://bitbucket.org/eschnett/cactusamrex/wiki/Home)

Ticket URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2553/cactus-link-command-uses-cppflags-and
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