[ET Trac] #2176: Test "Binary neutron star" example

Atul Kedia trac-noreply at einsteintoolkit.org
Tue Apr 5 21:22:04 CDT 2022

#2176: Test "Binary neutron star" example

 Reporter: Roland Haas
   Status: resolved
Milestone: ET_2021_11
  Version: development version
     Type: task
 Priority: major
Component: EinsteinToolkit website

Comment (by Atul Kedia):

When building ET using nsnstohmns.th I get the error

Processing CCL files

CST error in /home/asksma/etk_submit1/Cactus/repos/flesh/lib/sbin/interface_parser.pl (at 637)
  -> NSTracker (thorn NSTracker) inherits from HYDRO_ANALYSIS
    No thorn in your current ThornList implements HYDRO_ANALYSIS
    Either remove NSTracker, or add a thorn to your
    ThornList implementing HYDRO_ANALYSIS
    Available thorns in arrangements directory implementing HYDRO_ANALYSIS:

and the same error for CactusNumerical/SphericalSurface

Does anyone know why this is happening? Looks like it is trying to build NSTracker before building thorns from einsteintoolkit.th.

Ticket URL: https://bitbucket.org/einsteintoolkit/tickets/issues/2176/test-binary-neutron-star-example
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