[Users] path expansion in git/darcs/hg repositories

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Tue Jun 8 06:22:30 CDT 2010

Hello Eric,

> I have updated GetComponents to support REPO_PATHs similar to these cases.
Thank you.

>>> !TARGET   = $ARR
>>> !TYPE     = git
>>> !URL      = git://someurl/Scotch/SoundSpeed
>>> !AUTH_URL = rhaas3 at someotherurl/Scotch/SoundSpeed
>>> !REPO_PATH= ../$2
>>> Scotch/SoundSpeed
> Let me know how it works for you.
It seems to work as advertised (with the construction above).

Would it also (sorry for the piecemeal requests) be possible to do the 
URL expansion for all types of repositories instead of only subversion 
(by removing line 430)? This would allow constructs such as
!TYPE     = git
!URL      = git://someurl/Scotch/$2
AUTH_URL = rhaas3 at someotherurl/Scotch/$2
!REPO_PATH= ../$2

to work as expected, which is what the perldoc documentation implies. It 
might also be nice (though I cannot really think of an example) to 
substitute for all occurrences of $1 and $2 instead of only the first 
one (ie. s!\$1!$dir1!g;)

Finally (this is more along the lines of a bug report or surprising 

!REPO_PATH is handled differently depending on whether it contains $[12] 
or does not.

!REPO_PATH = $1/$2
!CHECKOUT = Scotch/SoundSpeed
leads to
ln -s $git_repos_dir/$git_repo/Scotch/SoundSpeed $checkout_item


!REPO_PATH = Scotch1/SoundSpeed1
!CHECKOUT = Scotch2/SoundSpeed2
leads to
ln -s $git_repos_dir/$git_repo/Scotch1/SoundSpeed1/Scotch2/SoundSpeed2 

The first variant seems to be the more general one since it does not 
make assumptions about the repository layout. Currently both versions 
are used in einsteintoolkit.th (first one for McLachlan, second one for 


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