[Users] merging of chunked hdf5 data

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Tue Feb 1 10:13:06 CST 2011

Hello Hee Il,

> All the utility codes (hdf5_merge, hdf5_extract, & hdf5_double_to_single)
> could be built on ET and could do someting e.g. merging chunked data but
> they don't seem to match with current Carpet HDF5 format. I couldn't open
> the combined file with Visit.
Did you perhaps try the following (or similar)?

hdf5_merge gxx.file_0.h5 gxx.file_1.h5 gxx.h5

That will not work since hdf5_merge does not adjust the field IOProcs in
the files which tells the VisIt reader how many files to look for.
What works is eg.

hdf5_merge restart1/gxx.file_0.h5 restart2/gxx.file_0.h5

Instead you can use

hdf5_slicer --match '.*' --out3d-cube gxx.file_0.h5 gxx.file_1.h5 gxx.h5

from carpetiohdf5. Neither one does any merging of patches, they simply
copy datasets from one file to he other.


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