[Users] Compilation failure with xlc compiler

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Fri Feb 18 16:55:34 CST 2011

Hello Wolfgang, Erik,

> Thanks. I tried a few of those compiler switches without luck, so tried
> to find the root of the problem. Looking at the code in the build
> directory, i.e. the source file that actually gets compiled, I notice
> that the function lc_statmap_ini IS indeed redeclared. In the source
> (not build) directry, we have the lines in loopcontrol.c:
> 945 void
> 946 CCTK_FNAME (lc_statmap_init) (int * restrict const initialised,
> 947                               lc_statmap_t * restrict const lm,
> 948                               ONE_FORTSTRING_ARG)
This won't help you fix the error (but might tell you why you encounter 
it), but the Cactus user guide says that (section C1.9.4 "Calls between 
Different Programming Languages"):
void CCTK FCALL CCTK FNAME(<routine name>)(int *ierr, <argument list>)
<rewrite routine code, or call C routine itself>

The convention used in Cactus, is that <routine name> be the same as any 
C routine name, and that this is mixed-case. The macros change the case 
and number of underscores of the routine name to match that expected by 
so if your Fortran compiler uses no extra underscores in functions names 
(which is what it seems gfortran seems to do) and makes all Fortran 
function names lowercase (and Cactus detected this behaviour correctly), 
then LoopControl is using something "different" than the convention when 
using CCTK_FNAME (lc_statmap_init). Of course it could also be that 
CCTK_FNAME was not correctly set up during the configuration stage.


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