[Users] Slight changes to GetComponents options

Eric Seidel eric at eseidel.org
Thu Jan 20 16:58:26 CST 2011

Hi all,

I would like to mention two changes to the options for GetComponents.

1. I recently revised the system for running commands, and during that 
process I decided that I really only need two levels of verbosity, 
verbose and regular. Therefore GetComponents will no longer 
differentiate between '-v' and '-v -v'. Adding the second -v will not 
trigger an error though, it just won't add to the verbosity any more.

2. The parallel checkout mode (-p or --parallel) is substantially more 
stable now. It will checkout/update up to 4 components at a time. I 
would like to eventually have a parallel checkout be the default, likely 
adding an option to control how many threads to use, but first I would 
like to get feedback from you. So if you are using the git version of 
GetComponents, please test the parallel checkout/update option, and let 
me know if you see any issues.



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