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Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Tue Jul 26 07:43:26 CDT 2011

Meeting minutes:

Present were: Tanja, Roland, Frank, Bruno, Yosef, Peter, Erik, Eloisa, Ian

ET paper:

* Christian and Bruno independently looked at PPM and re-split its MHD 
version from the hydro only version and rearranged code to allow the 
compiler (ifort) to optimize the routine
* Bruno finds about 3% speedup (in PPM)
* Erik says that Christian found about 30% speedup
* Bruno and Christian will exchange notes
* Peter agreed to run some performance tests with hardware counters 
using a parameter file that Bruno will provide
* we still fail the cylindrical blast wave test which many other codes 
also do not pass (using divergence cleaning)
* will try dissipation in the B field
* will run white noise test for dissipation to check that divergence 
cleaning works as expected (see apples with apples paper)

* Yosef committed writeup of sketch of documentation and a sample 
parameter file based on simfactory's qc0 example
* we would like a testsuite, which might however require a large input 
file for CCE
* Yosef is not sure if the PITTNull CCE extractor would work with 
Multipatch codes since he has no access to any
* Christian Reisswigs Worldtube thorn should (there is a Llama version)
* Yosef will give a short tutorial at a later date, date TBA

* see Ian's email 
* test data was regenerated for RotatingSymmetry which was affected by 
changes in Kranc which affected McLachlan
* correct boundary/ghost zones in GRHydro test for second order 
convergence (2 required for McLachlan due to advective derivatives)
* try tapering to find fourth order convergence in constraints

* no progress
* need to write missing sections (!)
* all authors: take half an hour to read sections and make comments
* lead author(s) will assign sections to people to work on in the next 
two weeks, and which sections to keep or drop (depending on their state)
* reserve a Monday call for paper talk (with all callers having read the 
* decide on day for call within the next three days (until Wednesday), 
Frank will set up a doodle poll


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