[Users] TwoPunctures warning message

Luca Baiotti baiotti at ile.osaka-u.ac.jp
Mon May 16 22:33:22 CDT 2011


I am running TwoPunctures for the first time and I see warnings like:

WARNING level 1 in thorn Carpet processor 3 host node032.damiana.admin
   (line 393 of 
   -> There are not enough time levels for the desired temporal 
prolongation order in the grid function group 
"TWOPUNCTURES::PUNCTURE_U".  With Carpet::prolongation_order_time=2, you 
need at least 3 time levels.

Since TwoPunctures is run only at initial data, prolongation should not 
be necessary. Could those variables be tagged as prolongation-none?


Thanks for saving energy!

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