[Users] Meeting minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon May 23 10:48:08 CDT 2011

Meeting minutes:

Present were: Tanja, Roland, Ian, Eloisa, Erik, Bruno, Yosef

ET paper:
* Bruno still has troubles with RotatingSymmetry180 when using the 
development version of ET for the BBH example (parfile is in subversion)
* will try running without RotatingSymmetry180
* convergence in norms is bad, somewhat better in 1D data for a short 
time after simulation startup
* cosmology example is done for now
* other examples had no maintainer on the phone call
* example data:
** add parfiles to paper repository
** add data for plots to paper repository
** have single person generate all plots for final version to achieve 
uniform style

Array padding:
* Erik suggests introducing array padding into Cactus to avoid cache 
aliasing issues
* re-use existing but (essentially) unused cctk_lssh for loop boundaries 
of i,j,k
* would use cctk_lsh to compute 1D index from i,j,k
* would loop i,j,k using cctk_lssh
* Cactus doc's already say to use cctk_lssh for this
* thorns that are not updated *might* only compute extra unused data for 
the "padding" points
** thorns using ghostzones/boundary zones as 
cctk_lsh-nghostzones/boundary_width might cause problems
** thorns computing in the interior might compute extra data and 
overwrite ghostzone/boundary information
* would like to have a mechanism to check for errors during runtime
* make padding a runtime parameter in the parameter files
* provide example parfile demonstrating speedup


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