[Users] Hydro_Analysis problems

Petr Tsatsin ptsatsin at fau.edu
Mon Jan 23 15:47:20 CST 2012

I'm running the one from the repository from the official wiki page.
I'm not sure if its "plain vanilla" ET checkout.

>Hello Petr, Erik,

>> I just added Hydro_Analysis thorn to static_tov.par and the run just
>> crushes at the very beginning right after this warnings. I attached the
>> full out file.
>There was a bug in Hydro_Analysis_Init causing a segfault. It's fixed
>now )in rev 119). Not sure where the L6 warnings came from though. Are
>you running a plain vanilla ET checkout, Petr? Or a LSU/AEI version that
>contains Multipatch code?

Petr Tsatsin
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Charles E. Schmidt College of Science
Florida Atlantic University
cell: 561-692-2040
ptsatin at fau.edu, ptsatsin at gmail.com
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