[Users] Meeting Minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon May 7 12:11:37 CDT 2012

Present were: Frank, Roland, Barry Wardell, Erik, Ian, Steve, Bruno,
Peter, Josh, Philipp, Tanja, Christian

LSU server certificate:
* CCT has obtained a new certificate, https should now work

ET release:
* still open tickets [1]
* CZ4 formalism was added to McLachlan script. It generates an extra
thorn since it was found to negatively impact the current BSSN performance.
* Description will be added to McLachlan documentation
* include three wavetoy thorns: standard cactus, McLachlan using Kranc
and McLachlan using Kranc and OpenCL
* the last will be commented out by default with instructions how to
enable it in the thorn list.
* suggestion to have syntax in thorn lists to selectively enable thorns
but no working mechanism could be proposed
* will deprecate old library mechanism (ie HDF5=yes) with the exception
of MPI which used by many thorns without REQUIRE statements
* timing:
  - soft freeze date of May 14th
    - no additions (thorns ect.), major changes, new features
  - hard freeze date of May 21th
    - only 'important' bug fixes or documentation improvements
                ^--> to be decided by two maintainers
  - release date of May 28th.
* include EinsteinExact arrangement by Barry with some documentation.
Bruno and Peter volunteer to look through code.
* migrate test to use new arrangement where  possible for the next release

MHD paper:
* want to use a single plotting package
* supermongo disliked by those that do not have a license
* matplotlib disliked by current supermongo users
* provide matplotlib style files and samples
* encourage new plots in matplotlib which are easier to update to common
style than converting supermongo to matplotlib (or vice versa)
* spend day near end of paper writing process to convert all plots to
common style

* most tests that should work are done (ie. Balsara tests work,
Komissarow do not)
* TOV test works with constraint transport, fails in long runs with
divergence cleaning
* magnetic rotor test works with constraint transport, the LLF flux or
using +/-c for the characteristic speed for the longitudinal field component
* Bruno will do some characteristic structure analysis for proper speed
of longitudinal field component



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