[Users] Tickets important for next release

Erik Schnetter schnetter at cct.lsu.edu
Mon May 7 18:40:28 CDT 2012

I suggest to consider the following tickets milestones for the next release:

[To review]
#827	merge bugfixes from Zelmani into main branch	 review		 defect	
major	 rhaas	2 weeks	 EinsteinToolkit thorn
#866	Add I/O timers to Cactus flesh	 review		 enhancement	 major	
eschnett	2 days	 Cactus
#525	Clean up CCTK_GFINDEX definitions	 review		 enhancement	 minor	
eschnett	9 months	 Cactus
#846	Support CCTK_REAL4 in AHFinderDirect	 review		 enhancement	
minor	 eschnett	6 days	 EinsteinToolkit thorn
#867	Add parameter to poison periodic boundaries	 review		
enhancement	 minor	 eschnett	2 days	 EinsteinToolkit thorn
#869	Allow different boundary conditions in ADMBase	 review		
enhancement	 minor	 eschnett	2 days	 EinsteinToolkit thorn
#870	Support real*16 (and real*4) in GRHydro	 review		 enhancement	
minor	 eschnett	2 days	 EinsteinToolkit thorn
#642	Cactus documentation target AllDoc does not make all the
documentation	 review		 enhancement	 optional	 hinder	7 months	 Cactus
#839	MoL Multirate capabilities. This add three new multirate RK
schemes to MoL.	 review	 --	 enhancement	 optional	
reisswig at tapir.caltech.edu	7 days	 Cactus

[Reviewed Ok]
#773	McLachlan dissipation should be disabled by default	
reviewed_ok		 enhancement	 major	 hinder	8 weeks	 Other
#791	Output timer tree as XML	 reviewed_ok	 eschnett	 enhancement	
minor	 hinder	5 weeks	 Carpet
#848	McLachlan "NewRad" radiative boundary condition does not consider
conformalMethod	 reviewed_ok		 defect	 minor	 hinder	6 days	 Other
#862	Make HDF5 output in AHFinderDirect work	 reviewed_ok	 hinder	
defect	 minor	 eschnett	4 days	 EinsteinToolkit thorn


Erik Schnetter <schnetter at cct.lsu.edu>

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