[Users] [patch] HydroBase does not initialize the Lorentz factor

David Radice david.radice at aei.mpg.de
Tue May 8 03:48:55 CDT 2012

Dear ET users,

currently HydroBase does not initialize the Lorentz factor.

This is a problem for my code because it uses the Lorentz factor to
compute the fluid four-velocity, which is needed for some other
calculations. Since it makes perfect sense to use my code in situations
where the fluid is not evolved, or even when there is no fluid at all, I
cannot rely on GRHydro, Whisky or some other ID thorn to fill-in the
Lorentz factor. It would be better, instead, if the Lorentz factor was
initialized to 1 in the case where there is no fluid, but HydroBase is
activated. In this way one is automatically guaranteed that the Lorentz
factor is meaningful.

For this reason I created the attached (trivial) patch for HydroBase
that simply initializes w_lorentz to 1. Could you please consider
applying this patch to the trunk version of HydroBase?


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