[Users] Announcing pygraph

David Radice david.radice at aei.mpg.de
Fri May 11 08:49:06 CDT 2012

Dear ET users,

in the past year or so Massimiliano Leoni (in CC) and I have been
developing a Python/Qt 1D data visualization client called "pygraph".

Pygraph is meant to be an easy-to-use and easy-to-hack drop-in
replacement for ygraph, released under the GPLv3 license. Pygraph has
been used for several months by many of us here at AEI and by a few
other people and we believe that it is now stable enough to be
publicized to the whole numrel community.

Pygraph supports most of the functionalities of ygraph as well as some
new features, such as:

1. native support for xgraph, Carpet 0D/1D and IOScalar ASCII file
format (including proper handling of the diagonal direction);
2. native support for Carpet 1D HDF5 file format, including AMR and
multi-patch data (with coordinate re-mapping);
3. automatic merging of "simfactory-style" splitted output datafiles;
4. exporting single frames in gnuplot-friendly ASCII format or all the
frames in PNG;
5. working log scales and zoom stacks;
6. some basic data-editing functionalities using numpy;
7. ... :)

Pygraph is available from:


It requires my python library for importing Carpet output files:


as well as a few other libraries (see the README). 

Pygraph has been mainly developed and tested on Linux, but Barry wrote a
tutorial, that you can find in the README.OSX file, that explains how to
install pygraph on OS-X and make it work with the native OS-X widgets.
In principle pygraph should also work on Windows, but this has never
been tested.

Please feel free to try pygraph: it is released with the hope that it
will be useful and any form of criticism is welcome. Especially if it
comes in the form of a unified patch or a pull request on bitbucket!

David & Massimiliano


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