[Users] Einstein Toolkit Meeting

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Sun May 20 21:28:24 CDT 2012


Please consider joining the weekly Einstein Toolkit phone call at
10 am US central time on Mondays. As usual, you can find instructions
how to join on the following web site:


I short: the number is (+1) 225-578-4942 or (+1) 866-573-0359 and
         the conference id is 118682#.

The main topic will be the organization of the next ET release. In
particular, this means we will discuss:

- Release-relevant tickets (18) [1]
- Schedule:
  - soft freeze since May 14th
    - no additions (thorns ect.), major changes, new features
  - hard freeze date of May 21th (evening)
    - only 'important' bug fixes or documentation improvements
                ^--> to be decided by two maintainers
  - release date of May 28th.
- Now most important: running testsuites, write release notes
Not necessarily connected to the release:

- What happend during last week: 27 issue were opened or changed and are
  still open, and 18 tickets could be closed. Some of them were:
  - Some column headers in Carpet ASCII output were wrong
  - ADMMass is not part of the ET
  - GRHydro changes from Zelmani are now (mostly) in the ET
  - HDF5 output works in AHFinderDirect
  - Various testsuites have been fixed, and/or made work with Mclachlan
    instead of BSSN_MoL
  - EinsteinExact has been added to the ET

As usual, feel free to add to this agenda.

Frank Loeffler


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