[Users] meeting minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Apr 1 13:07:38 CDT 2013

Present were: Miguel Zilhao, Frank, Peter, Steve, Roland

Example parameter files:
* Peter to supply a qc0 ML file
* Roland to supply a NSNS file

Next ET release:
* no more large new code additions after April 8th, wiki page with timeline
* add compile-time-fixed parameters that Erik introduced

Miguel Zilhao had held a ET toolkit workshop in Lisbon, and reported on
his experience:
* school was aimed at beg grad students and some more senior researcers
* partipants from Europa, Australia
* initially lectures on astrophysics
* short introduction to ET, Cactus
* more detailed description of MoL
* material online:
* hands on exercise on last day, some to be run during the class, some
over night:
** users had accounts on local cluster
** pre-compiled executable present
** session on VisIt on next day to visualize data
* lecture notes will be published once typed up


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