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Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Fri Apr 5 22:25:21 CDT 2013

On Fri, Apr 05, 2013 at 10:45:49PM -0400, Erik Schnetter wrote:
> It works in latex, but not in bibtex. Unfortunately I don't recall what
> went wrong. I do recall that I switched my personal bibtex file to utf-8,
> and then had to backpedal and convert everything back again.

It would be interesting to know what went wrong. It really does work
without problems for me. However, if it doesn't for some people then the
best way would indeed be to switch back to a less readable but more
traditional method.

> Or maybe there are some broken bibtex styles around; when one submits to a
> journal, often particular styles are required.

One possibility that comes to mind is that someone _not_ using utf-8 in
latex might get problems when using bibtex files that do.


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