[Users] meeting minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Wed Apr 10 14:33:37 CDT 2013

Present were: Erik, Yosef, Vassilios Mewes, Ian, Roland, Josh,
Christian, Tanja

- ET_2013_05 schedule
Apr 08: No new major additions to the ET until unfreeze
        This means: after this phone call nothing big (like a new thorn)
        will be added to the Einstein Toolkit before the next
May 01: feature freeze of /trunk, extensive testing begins
        (test-suites on all relevant machines)
May 10: release branches are created trunk unfrozen again
        release-branch code in only-important-bugs-freeze bug-fixing
        primarily in release branch
May 21: complete freeze, to prepare tar-balls, add tags ect.
May 23: target release date (or earlier if all bugs are fixed)

ET release:

* no more major additions to the ET
* slow down development and concentrate on documentation/fixes
* all commits must be explicitly approved by release manager (Frank)
* Frank will manage the release milestones

Error reports by Vassili:

* managed to fixed problem
* had to switch back to vertex centered grid from cell centering
** will file bug report
** failures were present already outside of AH
** non-conservation of angular momentum when using reconstruct_Wv in
cell centered grid
** will try TOV collapse in cell centered case
* cure spacetime crashes by resetting to atmosphere when lapse is small
(ie inside the AH)

GRMHD paper:

* was sent out on Monday, will be submitted to arXiv on Thursday
* some of the plots will be turned into supplements in CQG and
appendices on the arXiv


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