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Udayaraj Khanal urkhanal at tucdp.edu.np
Fri Jul 5 10:53:24 CDT 2013

Dear All,
I am a new user of einsteintoolkit. I follow the Tutorial for New User to install but encountered a problem. First I login to the queenbee machine by using code ubuntu$ ssh -X ettest52 at qb.loni.org -sh-3.00$ Then i did as in prepare tools and then download, configure and build. This downloads many thorns but checking out module:PITTNullCode/SphericalHarmonicRecon from repository:http://svn.einsteintoolkit.org/Cactus/PITTNullCode/SphericalHarmonicRecon/ branches/ET_2013_05 into: cactus/arrangements use of uninitialized value in contenation(.) or string at/GetComponents line 1440 Warning: could not checkout EinsteinAnalysis/Outflow, unable to switch to tag. Any existing symlinks to EinsteinAnalysis/Outflow will be broken. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> checking out module: EinsteinExact/doc
> from repository: git://github.com/barrywardell/EinsteinExact
> then same error as above
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> Then nothing happens for a long time.
> Then I closed terminal(massage: still a process running, closing the
> terminal will kill it).
> Again I opened terminal and login to queenbee as above.
> -sh-3.00$ ./GetComponents --parallel
> http://svn.einsteintoolkit.org/manifest/branches/ET_2013_05/einsteintoolkit.th
> update all existing components : no
> Again I encountered the same problem as above. And nothing happens for
> a long time then I closed terminal.
> Again I opened terminal and login to queenbee
> I did as stated in configure the simulation factory
> ___________________________________-
> edit simfactory/etc/defs.local.ini
> Defaults for all machines
> user=ettest52
> email=urkhanal at tucdp.edu.np
> allocation=loni_cactus08
> thornlist=manifest/einsteintoolkit.th
> Customize user name for each machine
> [queenbee]
> user=ettest52
> sourcebasedir=/home/ettest52/
> writeout
> __________________________________
> -sh-3.00$ ./simfactory/bin/sim build
> After many processes
> ---------------------------------------------------
> There were 84 errors during execution of CST
> These must be corrected before compilation can proceed
> --------------------------------------------------------
> --------------------------------------------------
> warnings were generated during execution of the CST
> ---------------------------------------------------------
> CST error 1
> Missing thorn EinsteinAnalysis/Outflow
> Similarly there are 84 errors
> make[1]:***[/home/ettest52/cactus/configs/sim/config-data/make.thornlist]Error 1
> make:*** [sim] Error 2
> -sh-3.00:ls exe
> ls: exe: No such file or directory

Udayaraj KhanalProfessorCentral Department of PhysicsTribhuvan UniversityKirtipur, Nepal

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