[Users] Visit & CarpetHDF5

Scott Hawley scott.hawley at belmont.edu
Fri Jul 5 13:08:42 CDT 2013


  After seeing Frank's email that CarpetHDF5 reading is now integrated
into Visit 2.6, I downloaded the Mac binary for 2.6 and found that it
works -- I can read Carpet HDF5 data without doing anything special.   And
no need to compile Visit from source. :-)

I still, however, find it necessary to start VisIt from the command line
with the "-noconfig" flag, because I can't seem to get it to properly use
"localhost" as a host on the Mac.

e.g. I run this...
% /Applications/VisIt.app/Contents/Resources/bin/visit -noconfig

...and I haven't bothered trying to get parallel-rendering working yet.


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