[Users] Einstein Toolkit: Minutes for 8 July

Joshua Faber jafsma at rit.edu
Mon Jul 15 10:10:07 CDT 2013

Present: Josh, Vassileos, Frank, Ian, Erik, Philipp, (Peter?)

  *Erik and Ian want to make several changes to the code:

 -Allow arguments to be passed via scripts to generate multiple thorns
in parallel, rather than sequentially

- Design of more high level APIs to streamline declaration of new
objects, e.g. tensors

- Introduce master calculation for BSSN variables, and use filtering
to isolate necessary code to be called in a specific run

- Enable making parameters available at either runtime or Kranctime
for greater flexibility

- Additional Optimizations

  Users are welcome to create their own branches to work on new
features, but please use subdirectories as needed to keep the codebase

Incoming Thorns:

*README has been updated with current status of several thorns and
primary maintainer/developer, but some updates are needed from

* MemSpeed likely moving to ET, but needs a testsuite
* CartesianCoordinates requires use of Llama, which is not available
in the ET yet

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