[Users] Meeting Minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Jun 24 10:50:03 CDT 2013

Present: Vassili, Peter, Erik, Philipp, Yosef, Roland

new Carpet version:

* Philipp observed increased memory consumption (run terminated by
Out-Of-Memory killer) and a run speed that was continuously decreasing
over the time of the run on bluewaters. This used the Intel compiler and
~8000 cores

* Roland looked at differences in data between "old" and "new" versions,
sees roundoff level differences in rho (for a NsNs run) but larger ones
in eps. Could just be the usual case of eps being more sensitive.
Roundoff level differences are expected due to different processor

New thorns:
* Erik proposed a MemSpeed thorn on trac
* Yosef's ParitySymmetry thorn is still up for review
* please review the changes to Regrid2 for ParitySymmetry

* very little to discuss these days, consider having the meeting only
every two weeks? Please comment.


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