[Users] Latest GetComponents broken?

Kelly, Bernard J. (GSFC-660.0)[UNIVERSITY OF MARYLAND BALTIMORE COUNTY] bernard.j.kelly at nasa.gov
Thu Jun 27 10:23:25 CDT 2013

Hi all. Possibly related to Ben's issues:

I'm having machine-specific problems downloading some of the newer thorns using GetComponents and the ET_2013_05 einsteintoolkit.th. The new Outflow thorn, in particular, seems not to want to checkout to my production machine (it's fine on my Macbook, though).

I'm following --- as I always do for a new release --- the steps given on the "New Users" wiki page: https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Tutorial_for_New_Users

The error message is (this is hand-typed, so apologies for typos):

"Use of uninitialized $branch in concatenation (.) or string at ./GetComponents line 1440, <STDIN> line 1.

Warning: Could not checkout EinsteinAnalysis/Outflow, unable to switch to tag . Any existing symlinks to EinsteinAnalysis/Outflow will be broken"

Perhaps this is related to the thorn in question coming from a new repository (Roland's github repo), and I have to somehow approve this in Git?


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The script works for me. Let me ask for some further information to be able to help you:
- What web site has the instructions that you are following?
- From what url did you download GetComponents?
- From what url did you get the thorn list?
- What errors are you seeing?


On Wed, Jun 26, 2013 at 9:55 AM, Ben Bernard <Ben_the_Lucky at yahoo.com<mailto:Ben_the_Lucky at yahoo.com>> wrote:
I am attempting to use the GetComponents script on Queen Bee to install the latest Einstein Toolkit, using the commands on the Tutorial for new users.  Unfortunately it seems that the GetComponents script cannot find many of the components, and locks up after a few of them.  Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Benjamin Bernard

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