[Users] meeting minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Mar 11 12:17:38 CDT 2013

Present were: Frank, Roland, Ian, Steve, Peter, Yosef, Eloisa, Erik

Parameter file parser
* add two modes for parameter file parsing
- one fully backwards compatible
- one using newer syntax and providing better error messages
* create wiki with new syntax and features as well as status of
- want special notation for multi-line strings a la python """
- make sure Cactus expression evaluator in flesh and parfile expression
evaluator support same math syntax

Corrupt output files:
* for now, rename files that are being written to, the way that
checkpoint files are renamed
* simfactory defaults and parfiles to revert to have checkpoints in each
output folder
* add option to Cactus flesh to indicate termination due to wallclock
time. Only in that case should simfactory continue the runs
* specify termination reason via either an argument to the call
CCTK_TerminateNext and/or via a steerable parameter the way that the
cactus terminate_next parameter. Should this be an integer or a

Production executables with hard-coded parameter values:
* Erik tested how much speedup ones gains by replacing the dynamic
parameters in ML by hard-coded ones (on the compiler level). He found a
speedup of ~2%.
* desire to have such functionality for production runs
* currently Erik used hand-coded preprocessor defines
* instead we would like a file specifying the hard-coded parameters,
ideally as a parameter file fragment incl the option of hard-coding it
to the default value
* this requires a stand-alone parameter parser and evaluator


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