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Erik Schnetter schnetter at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 04:37:00 CDT 2014

On Apr 14, 2014, at 13:42 , Roland Haas <roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu> wrote:

> Present: Roland, Zach, Peter, Ian, Frank, Steve, Matt
> upcoming release:
> * timetable on wiki https://docs.einsteintoolkit.org/et-docs/Release_Details
> * no new thorns/major changes after 2014-04-21
> * release data 2014-05-19
> * large chunk of GRHydro updates at
> https://trac.einsteintoolkit.org/ticket/1531 will be included
> ** keep F90 code as default
> ** switch test data for constrained transport
> ** plan for future releases: phase out F90 code, phase out divergence
> cleaning code

Are we planning to switch to get repositories before the release?


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