[Users] Meeting Minutes

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Apr 28 15:15:45 CDT 2014

Present: Roland, Ian, Peter, Steve, Erik

upcoming release:
* will introduce freeze today if Frank agrees
* mention release preparer rather than full set of maintainers in
release email
* focus on machines with most errors, ignore stampede-mac, pandora
* Peter looked the 3 tl initialization code in Carpet. Unsure if this
code is currently correct since it differs significantly from older
versions and at first glance seems to not do the right thing

dedicated (virtual) machine machine to run tests etc:
* currently the Jenkins build slaves are very different (since they run
as virtual machines on whatever resources are available to the donors).
* try and obtain funding to have dedicated hardware to run these virtual
machines (or dedicated virtual machines) hosted more permanently than
someone's personal workstation
* Steve suggested that possibly some of the Chemora funding could
contribute if the Chemora tests were also run on that machine

Ongoing issues:
* small examples of non-trivial code
* BBH (qc0): Ian
* BH: Peter: working version on Peter's laptop
* NSNS to BH: currently fails
* TOV collapse: Roland was volunteered, but suspects this will fail


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