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Roland Haas rhaas at tapir.caltech.edu
Tue Apr 29 09:16:52 CDT 2014

Hello Erik, all,

> It seems that these lines pertain to dimensions that are larger than
> the dimension of the respective grid variable. That is, this would
> e.g. set the extent of the z (sic!) boundary to 1 for 2d variables
> that don't have a z direction. Is this intended?
Yes, it treats a 2d grid variable as a 3d grid variable with 1 point in
the z direction. This should be fine as far as I know.

Before revision 309 (which introduced ash and removed lssh) the code
actually read:
   for (i = gdim; i < MAXDIM; i++)
    lssh[i] = 1;
    lsh[i]  = 0;
+    lsh[i] = 0;
which 309 changed to
   for (i = gdim; i < MAXDIM; i++)
    lsh[i] = 0;
which is actually wrong since it will mean eg the kk loop in
SCALAR_BOUNDARY_TYPED (in the scalar boundary code) will never execute
its loop body and the b/c will not be applied anywhere.

Instead of setting ash to 1 one could also set it to 0 but that leads to
the situation that ash < lsh which is no the case for regular grid


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