[Users] Einstein Toolkit Meeting Minutes

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Fri Aug 29 21:14:35 CDT 2014


I apologize for the late minutes.

Present were (and I quite probably forgot someone):
 Peter, Erik, Zach, Philipp, and Frank

> - 1648: MPI thorn should auto configure (new patch)

This has in the meantime been committed.

> - 1618: Compile with adaptive MPI (no new patch yet)

This is still in the works.

> - Make Illinois code work with standard ET

There are still discrepancies between GRHydro+HLLE and other codes
(Whisky, IllinoisGRMHD) and HLLE that are not understood.

> - git transition

Please test the new repositories. They are still checked out in /repos,
but should work. Make sure you have (write) access if you think you
should have. You will need a bitbucket account.

> - MHD status & interest in vector potential

There is currently only little attention and interest in this, with the
slight hope of revival in about two months or so, according to Philipp.


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