[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2014-12-01

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Dec 1 10:36:53 CST 2014

Present: Roland, Frank, Peter, Steve, Jonah, Zach, Matt, Erik, Josh

Skype no longer allows calls to toll free US numbers it seems.
Suggestion: can use google voice to call in. Suggestion to use Google
hangouts. Updsides: better audio, video and screen sharing. Downside:
max of 10 participants.

Slow build of ExternalLibraries:
* two patches adressing (sub-)issues
** early abort patch by Frank, can be used as quickfix
** two-stage build script by Erik that first detects settings, then
builds. This needs review. Currently implemented in GSL.
** action item: go ahead with two stage procedure
* related: add extra make variables at utilities build stage to simplify
writing make rules for them (Roland)

Goal for next release:
* suggestion to add hydro analysis thorns used by Frank
** need cleanup
* suggestion to get IllinoisGRMHD to ET incl. support for staggered
vector potential
** needs proper solution at infrastructure level for staggering
** exampe parfile requested of the complexity level of a stable TOV
* suggestion ot include random ID thorn that produces physically
allowable ID for ADMBase and HydroBase. This is useful for regression tests.
* remove dependency of TOVSolver on GRHydro if still present
* McLachlan rewrite testing
* Code to allow arbitraty number of timelevels for use by MoL and
Adams-Bashforth type timesteppers


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