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Roland Haas rhaas at tapir.caltech.edu
Tue Dec 16 07:00:11 CST 2014

Hello all,

in case someone can comment on this issue with the CarpetHDF5 VisIt
reader that was brought up on the visit-users list recently.

You can see the email thread here (it contains more information in
particular the output of running VisIt with -debug 5):


and the mailing list address is visit-users at elist.ornl.gov


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Subject: [visit-users] Mesh plot : Carpet Multipacth
Date: Mon, 15 Dec 2014 13:37:21 +0200
From: Dumsani Ndzinisa <g14n8326 at campus.ru.ac.za>
Reply-To: VisIt software users community <visit-users at elist.ornl.gov>
To: VisIt software users community <visit-users at elist.ornl.gov>

Hi All,

I wonder if anyone has worked with CarpetHD5 data (plugin) to create
a Multipatch mesh plot ("Mesh - Carpet Multipatch")? I'm trying to
create such a plot, and it seems to be available on the Mesh plot options.
However, VisIt return an error (error message shown below):

The compute engine running on [host] has exited abnormally.

Shortly thereafter, the following occured...

The Mesh plot of "Carpet Multipatch" for the file "admbase::lapse.h5"
could not be generated by
the compute engine on host "localhost".

Any ideas will be highly appreciated.

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