[Users] Einstein Toolkit Meeting Reminder

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Jul 21 14:52:16 CDT 2014

Todays meeting minutes:

present: Steve, Peter, Frank, Zach, Josef, Barry, Jonah, Erik, Roland

Issues discussed:

- Zach is moving + paper: less work done on IllinoisGRMHD, but still
  high on todo list

- GRHydro: Zach reports Ham. constraint linearly increasing, but
  logarithmically with IllinoisGRMHD, unsure why. Further investigation

- issue with hwloc: ok to commit proposed change of checking for version

- issue with GRHydro: ok to loosen the dependency on ADMMacros by not
  using ADMMacros::spatial_order anymore, but switching to (new)
  GRHydro-specific parameter.

- git: Barry converted cactusbase and cactusnumerical, needs some
  attention from long-term git users.

- Josef: has problems on stampede, trouble with MPI and checkpointing
  suggestion: attaching debugger to see where it hangs. Something might
  have changed in recent ET releases that makes issues worse now, but it
  is not sure whom to blame. We might just now trigger a problem with
  the stampede system.

- Next week's meeting will be hosted by Roland. There will not be a
  meeting on Aug 4th.

Frank Loeffler

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