[Users] Meudon_Mag_NS with rotating stars

Michael Jasiulek michael.jasiulek at aei.mpg.de
Wed Mar 12 09:39:47 CDT 2014


I have been trying to import and evolve Lorene data using
EinsteinInitialData/Meudon_Mag_NS and the parfile Cactus/par/static_tov.par as a

I managed to evolve the example file Meudon_Mag_NS/data/bbig.d for a non
rotating magnetised neutron star, as well as the non-rotating non-magnetised
Lorene resu.d I created. As soon as I turn on rotation I get nans in all
variables from the beginning of the evolution and the warning from GRHydro
"Infinite Lorentz factor reset. rho, w_tmp:".

Has anyone tried to use Meudon_Mag_NS with rotating Lorene initial data?

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