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Ian Hinder ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de
Wed Mar 19 11:49:36 CDT 2014

On 19 Mar 2014, at 17:14, Frank Loeffler <knarf at cct.lsu.edu> wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 18, 2014 at 01:33:36PM -0700, Erik Schnetter wrote:
>>  Changed paths:
>>    M Tools/CodeGen/DGFE.m
>>  Log Message:
>>  -----------
>>  Use 4th order DG elements
> I am not sure how (didn't investigate), but this commit and the
> corresponding updates to McLachlan started to break the automated tests.
> See https://build.barrywardell.net/job/EinsteinToolkit/1144/

This was not the commit responsible.  It was my regeneration of McLachlan after I pushed to Kranc this morning.  It seems that no matter how much testing you do before pushing, it's never enough :(  In this case, while I had thoroughly tested ML_BSSN, I forgot to test the constraints thorns.

The issue was explained in the log of the commit which fixed it later on:

> commit 06d10ec3fa6601a7d973fda1f1f87814636756d2
> Author: Ian Hinder <ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de>
> Date:   Wed Mar 19 09:57:07 2014 +0100
>    Rename ML_ADMConstraints and ML_ADMQuantities calculations
>    They were previously given the same name as the thorn, and this conflicts with the new thorn namespace.

I believe this (and another problem which caused the next test run after this to fail) has now been fixed, but for some reason the tests have hung at this point:

> Test QuasiLocalMeasures: qlm-ks-boosted 
>     "LSUThorns/QuasiLocalMeasures/test/qlm-ks-boosted.par"
>   Issuing ln -fns . output-0000-active && mkdir -p SIMFACTORY && TESTSUITE_PARFILE=/home/jenkins/workspace/simulations/EinsteinToolkit_80f7c43cecff881ff56c9ba4b76a71ce203cb56a_2/output-0000/arrangements/LSUThorns/QuasiLocalMeasures/test/qlm-ks-boosted.par /home/jenkins/workspace/EinsteinToolkit/../simulations/EinsteinToolkit_80f7c43cecff881ff56c9ba4b76a71ce203cb56a_2/output-0000/SIMFACTORY/RunScript

It has been like this all day, as it turns out.  I will restart the test run.  The proposed branch test completed successfully.  it might be an intermittent problem with the caltech build machine.

Ian Hinder

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