[Users] Einstein Toolkit Meeting Minutes

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Sep 8 10:31:36 CDT 2014


Present at todays meeting were: Roland, Jonah, Erik, Matt, Steve, Peter, Frank.

We've talked about a couple of active tickets, in particular:

- 1396: GetComponents: Display prompts of executed commands (discussion)
Steve will look into bash-magic (or something else) to solve this.

- 1517: Make Simfactory tell you what it's doing (discussion)
Steve accepted the ticket.

- 1388: New thorn MemSpeed (reviewed ok)
Erik will add the thorn to the ET thornlist.

- 1651: Problems with expansions in parameter files (new patch)
Roland will look at the new patch.

Nobody really tested the new git transition repositories, but at least
Steve and Peter volunteered to do so soon.

The URL for the thornlist to test is:


Frank Loeffler

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