[Users] meeting minutes for 2015-12-14

Roland Haas rhaas at aei.mpg.de
Mon Dec 14 10:31:29 CST 2015

Present: Frank, Roland, Erik, Steve, Ian, Philipp

Carpet bboxset2 fix:
* will be backported
* symptom was the carpet would always combine multiple components

Tracers in GRHydro:
* Philipp will contact Ian Hawke

Search paths for Fortran modules:
* need to specify in -I even if in /usr/include which we normally filter out
* Frank will add an new variable FINC_DIRS that will be only used for
Fortran include directories

Stampede performance and performance control:
* desire to have 5minute lang performance benchmark
* Erik suggest to use the memspeed thorn
* Erik runs timing benchmarks with actual parfiles (similar to the XiRel
* Frank will setup facilities for Erik to upload these results to

clang format:
* config file format is version specific, current one works for 3.6 and
3.7 but not for 3.5
* fix clang version to 3.7, update requirement when new clang version is

HDF5 build issue:
* add option to override MPI detection in HDF5, Steve and Frank will
look into this

The next ET call January 11th.2016.


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