[Users] Meeting Minutes for 2015-06-08

Roland Haas rhaas3 at mail.gatech.edu
Mon Jun 8 11:00:55 CDT 2015

Present were: Ian, Roland, Peter, Jonah, Matt, Elo, Christine, Erik, Oleg

Elliptic solver:
* Ian asks for a description of the gallery entry
* having an external repo is fine
* Elo is fine without a brand, will discuss offline among Elo and Ian

What to do with non GR utility thorns?
* have situation that there are contributaions that are not specific to
teh Eisntein equations
* there are extra restrictions for Cactus* arrangements
* have extra arrangement that is maintained by ET butdoes not have
Einstein in its name
* in principle fine to have a Elliptic or AMRMG arrangements

Requirements based scheduler:
* to be put on the topics for next week

ET workshop:
* ET workshop is being prepared
* want a hands on tutorial for new users on the first day
* suggest to use ET virtual mahine image, Peter said it was used in
workshop in China last year. Was set up by Dennis and Steve.
* talk request: Peter on McLachlan


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