[Users] Accuracy issue of multipole moment calculations in QuasiLocalMeasures

Hee Il Kim heeilkim at gmail.com
Tue Jun 23 20:15:43 CDT 2015


Recently, I found the multipole moment calculations in QuasiLocalMeasures
show large errors, e.g. 20% for the second mass moment of my project.

The error exists even in the test data of the thorn but it's around a few
percent. But it couldn't be improved even with increased resolution. From a
rough investigation, I found this is because the one in coordinate
construction which was supposed to be equal to cos(theta) for a stationary
black hole deviates a bit, making erroneous value. I didn't go further. I'd
like to know your opinion or any experiences on this.


Hee Il
p.s. I haven't checked whether there's an update of the thorn in the latest
version of ET.
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