[Users] Checking for strdup

Michael Clark michael.clark at gatech.edu
Thu Jun 11 19:10:25 CDT 2015

With intel-13.2.146 compiler, I've observed that the configure check for
strdup (lib/make/configure.in line 494, using CCTK_CHECK_HAS_PROTOTYPE) can
fail despite strdup being defined in string.h.

The test for this seems to rely on compilation of "int strdup()" failing if
this prototype exists, but on a machine I'm using currently, the intel
compiler only generates a *warning*, not an *error*, and considers
compilation to have "succeeded."  Since compilation "succeeded", the test
fails, even though strdup's prototype is available.

This can be worked around by adding -diag-error 147 (the id code for this
diagnostic) to CFLAGS.  Is this what end-users should be expected to do?

-Michael Clark
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