[Users] Failed compilation of GRHydro cpp files on Fermi BlueGene/Q

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Thu Mar 12 11:29:19 CDT 2015

Hello all,

> If this doesn't help, then you may have to change the source file,
> e.g. breaking it into several pieces that are "easier" on the
> compiler. You may also have to break large function in these pieces
> into several smaller functions, allowing you to generate even more
> pieces.
This would be a good thing to do in any case. Those routines in GRHydro
instantiate many C++ templates for the different cases. Overall
compilation speed probably improves if one makes one tiny C++ file per
instantiation. The instantiation happens in these lines:


*each* of which (in the macro INSTANTIATE_RECONSTRUCTION_OPERATOR)
instantiates 12 copies of the given routine. The macro is defined in
GRHydro_Reconstruct_drv_cxx.hh .


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