[Users] Einstein Toolkit Meeting Reminder

Frank Loeffler knarf at cct.lsu.edu
Mon Mar 30 10:44:30 CDT 2015


Today we talked about the release. The current plan is:

- last week of April: freeze except release bug fixes
- week of May 6th: complete freeze
- week of May 13th: release

Not included will be the rewrite branch (unless someone puts all the
necessary work in it this week). This makes the source change in GRHydro
the biggest change since the last release.

Post-release plans are:
- merge the rewrite branch, testers: Peter, Erik
- remove duplicate Fortran routines from GRHydro - cleanup

Important tickets:
- hwloc: Steve looks into moving hwloc configuration to library-config
  stage, so that information about dependent libraries (numa) can get
  to Cactus earlier.
- stampede: "our" compiler is about to be removed; Ian will look into
  a replacement. This will most likely be a little older version, until
  version 15 will be installed and is tested to be good.

Despite what was said in the call, the next call will _not_ be on the
Easter Monday, but one week later: April 13th.


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