[Users] meeting minutes for 2015-10-12

Roland Haas rhaas at aei.mpg.de
Tue Oct 13 09:25:12 CDT 2015

Hello all,

>> It would, however, require a license change to LGPL. Erik is the only
>> author for TensorTypes so the change is straightforward, assuming he
>> approves?
The thorn is lacking documentation unfortunately. Since this is an
infrastructure thorn, it would be very nice if there was documentation
describing its exported functions and what they do. Some of it is
"obvious" like TT_varindex2tensortype others, like the num_derivs
argument to TT_derivative are not so clear (namely: is this just the
number of nabla's applied to the tensor or something similar to the
derivative argument of AEILocalInterp where 12 would mean to take the
derivative \partial_x \partial_y?).

A test suite wold also be very useful so that all tensor types are
exercised at least once (think of the bugs we had in RK68 in MoL since
there were no test cases for it). Does such a one perhaps already exist
in the form of a TestTenstorTypes thorn somewhere?

Otherwise: yes this is a thorn we dearly want to have available in
Cactus to make it easier to deal with for example symmetries.


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