[Users] meeting minutes for 2015-10-19

Roland Haas roland.haas at physics.gatech.edu
Mon Oct 19 10:45:05 CDT 2015

Present: Frank, Eloisa, Roland, Matt, Josh, Yosef, Ian, Zach

Tickets for the release:
* still missing is LORENE
* IllinoisGRMHD currently has only the evolution thorn in. All reviewed
ones should go in.
* add qc0 example to gallery, make sure that the gallery examples run
* gallery example for CT_Multilevel still being worked on (Eloisa, Ian)
will be included
* external libraries detection mechanism
** would like to be able to test more tests inside the script
** since it is hard to test all on a single system, would like to have
artificial testing infrastructure to make a "fake" library installation
** needs to go through review process before release
** will continue discussion offline
* include elliptic solver CT_MultiLevel, current testsuite failures are
tracked down due to changes of constraints in McLachlan rewrite. Expect
roundoff level changes in ML which may be amplified so this does not
block the release. Remove ML from test if the test does not actually
evolve anything.
* deprecate parameters in GRHydro that are only used by F90 code. Want
to eventually remove F90 code.

Compact format for test cases:
* Steve finds that sometimes he finds multiple identical lines when
running on multiple processors
* checked that it is not ghost zones


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