[Users] SimulationTools/h5mma: Unable to communicate with closed link

Bernard Kelly physicsbeany at gmail.com
Tue Apr 12 10:30:06 CDT 2016

Hi. Today's silly question:

I'm trying to use SimulationTools to work with some Carpet HDF5 data.
I've loaded SimulationTools & h5mma with no apparent issues, but this
line fails:

> ToDataRegion[ ImportHDF5[  "<full path to mydata.h5", {"Datasets",  "mydataset"}]]

... with the error message:

LinkObject::linkd: Unable to communicate with closed link

I can verify that the executable is where that error message says it
is, and it's world-runnable. Any ideas why it's not working?



P.S. I've never used SimulationTools or h5mma before. I followed the
simple installation instructions from

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