[Users] minutes for 2016-08-22

Roland Haas rhaas at illinois.edu
Mon Aug 22 10:31:50 CDT 2016

Present: Erik, Steve, Roland, Frank, Peter, Ian

* Formaline seems very slow, we suspect this to be due to either larger
  files being added to tarballs and/or Roland's change that circumvents
  gits internal caching
  * suggested solutions include undoing the commit and trying to work
    around file systems that do not support hard links as well as
    tighter integration of Formaline with the flesh make targets to
    start Formaline's processing early
* Formaline misses adding Makefile to the tarball, a workaround is to
  tar up the flesh repo directly by first de-referencing Makefile (if
  it is a symbolic link), then including the directory containing that
  file in the tarball. This should work for common situations

Having a moving release branch:
* Roland had suggested having a moving release branch so that eg
  websites could refer to that branch rather than having to be updated
  after each release, the hope is also to offer a simpler update path
  than "wipe your old Cactus tree and download a new one"
* a suggestion is to only have such a branch in the manifest repo and
  nowhere else 
* Ian dislikes the idea of a moving branch since he fears it will
  interact badly with git pull
* Erik points out that git pull will report conflicts if the release
  branch jumps from one release to the next and suggests to use a tag
  instead, Roland thinks this will not happen and will test this with
  locally and report back
* having a simpler way to point to the current release is agreed to be
  nice but no simple way to achieve this seems obvious

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