[Users] Chunked checkpoints with unchunked HDF5_3D output?

Roland Haas rhaas at aei.mpg.de
Wed Jan 6 15:24:13 CST 2016

Hello Bernard,

> I was originally using out3D_vars etc, but the resulting output was
> always *chunked* and *cumulative* over time. I don't see a parameter
> that controls this behavior in CarpetIOHDF5/param.ccl.
Hmm, in that case you will have to modify C++ code. In CarpetIOHDF5's
OutputSlice.cc near the end of the routine CheckSteerableParameters
(around line 215 in my checkout) you will see code:
    // copy ioprocs and ioproc ot
    if (outdim  == 3) { // only 3D output splits files
      const ioGH *IO = (ioGH *) CCTK_GHExtension (cctkGH, "IO");
      nioprocs = IO->nioprocs;
      ioproc = IO->ioproc;
      ioproc_every = IO->ioproc_every;
      //cout << "nioprocs: " << nioprocs << " ioproc: " << ioproc << endl;
    } else {
      nioprocs = 1;
      ioproc = 0;
      ioproc_every = dist::size();
which tells you that out1d and out2d are always unchunked (one file) and
out3d respects nioprocs which is what "onefile" sets. So in order to get
unchuncked 3d output you'd have to make the outdim == 3 case look like
the else case. Note that the current code does what it ought to do: it
respects your "onefile" choice.

The single file issue is a bug, and needs a fix. The easiest by far will
be to add ".it_XXX" to basefilenamebuf in OutputVarAs around line 461,
ie make it look like this:

      ostringstream basefilenamebuf;
      basefilenamebuf << my_out_slice_dir << "/" << alias << ".it_" <<
      const string basefilename = basefilenamebuf.str();

mind you, this is a hack though :-) it really should be controlled by
the out_timesteps_per_file option.


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