[Users] ET school and workshop is streamed live

Bruno Giacomazzo bruno.giacomazzo at unitn.it
Wed Jun 15 06:31:29 CDT 2016

Dear All,
   we are currently in the last day of the School and tomorrow we will
start the workshop. As a test, today we are broadcasting the school live
and, if it works, we will do the same for the workshop tomorrow.

These are the links:
YouTube: http://youtu.be/lCVMZsRqc_0
Hangouts: https://plus.google.com/events/cqafafqfl3kk4lvsehjmrdvsa1g

Let me know if it works. First lecture in 30 minutes by Moesta and Miller.
The program can be found here: http://events.unitn.it/en/et-eu2016



Dr. Bruno Giacomazzo
Department of Physics
University of Trento
via Sommarive 14
38123 Trento

Tel.  : +39 0461281631
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