[Users] simfactory question about hwloc and building utilities

Vassilios Mewes vassilios.mewes at uv.es
Sun Jun 19 17:05:04 CDT 2016

Hello everyone!

A quick question about hwloc:

We are trying to building an ET executable on a new machine, using
HWLOC_DIR = BUILD in the .cfg file, as we want to use the bundled hwloc.

The build of the ET succeeds, but when simfactory builds the utilities, we
get the following error:

Copying hwloc-bind from /usr/bin/hwloc-bind to /home/vass/Cactus/exe/sim
Copying hwloc-calc from /usr/bin/hwloc-calc to  /home/vass/Cactus/exe/sim
Copying hwloc-info from /usr/bin/hwloc-info to  /home/vass/Cactus/exe/sim
Copying hwloc-assembler-remote from /usr/bin/hwloc-assembler-remote to
make[1]: *** *No rule to make target '/usr/bin/hwloc-ls', needed by
'/home/vass/Cactus/exe/sim/hwloc-ls'.  Stop.*

So apparently, the build process of the utilities still searches for hwloc
executables in /usr/bin, although we specified to build hwloc in the .cfg
file. Shouldn't it actually use the built binaries?

It then fails copying hwloc-ls, which does not exist.

How can I tell the build system to actually use the hwloc binaries we have

Best wishes,

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