[Users] Changing I/O parameters between simulations restarts

Ian Hinder ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de
Sat Oct 1 04:59:54 CDT 2016

On 30 Sep 2016, at 21:56, dumsani <g14n8326 at campus.ru.ac.za> wrote:

> Hi Frank, Ian, Everyone
> Yes, I meant doing this via Simfactory. But at the same time I acknowledge the fact that it could as well be doable via some Cactus parameter... On that note, we have tried changing the parameter in the top-level SIMFACTORY directory under the job directory. However, looking at the parfile in the new checkpoint directory, it still bore the old value. We even went as far as changing the parameter in all parfiles in the previous checkpoint subdirectory, in addition to changing it in the top-level SIMFACTORY directory. 
> In any case, if you also suggest that then I'm going to give this a try again over the weekend (or on Monday - our computing center is on a shut down for the weekend).

Hi Dumsani,

The top-level simfactory directory I am talking about is:

	SIMFACTORY/    <------ This one

i.e. there are SIMFACTORY directories inside each restart, and there is one at the very top level of the simulation.  If you change the parameter file in this one, it should be copied into the output-NNNN/SIMFACTORY/par directory when the new restart is created.  That was my understanding of how it works, though I admit that I have not used SimFactory 2 for a while.  Do other people use this mechanism and can confirm that this is how it works?

Ian Hinder

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