[Users] error when I trying to add atmosphere to BBH evolution

赵志超 yanyuechuixue at gmail.com
Fri Aug 18 09:05:12 CDT 2017

Thank you Ian Hinder.

Yes I want to add a low density fluid to a BBH simulation.

I review the source code of GRHydro_InitialData Thorn's
GRHydro_OnlyAtmo.F90 .  I found it give any position ( I mean every
nx,ny,nz) a rho value which is a constant equal to "rho_abs_min" or

so I think it can give a low density fluid to a BBH simulation.

But it report "NAN" or "Con2Prim: count > GRHydro_countmax".

Thank again.


2017-08-18 21:54 GMT+08:00 Ian Hinder <ian.hinder at aei.mpg.de>:

> On 17 Aug 2017, at 09:57, 赵志超 <yanyuechuixue at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am studying how to use Einstein_toolkit, I want to try to add atmosphere
> to a BBH evolution.
> I add the below things to BBHLowRes.par in the par dir.
> However, it reports "nan" error soon after the beginning of evolution.
> I do not know how to correct it.
> Could anyone give me some suggestion?
> Hi,
> Could you give more details about the physics you are trying to add?
>  "atmosphere" in this context usually means an artificial low density fluid
> in a matter simulation which helps with numerical problems that occur when
> the density drops to zero.  It doesn't make sense to add it to a BBH
> simulation, which is vacuum.
> Do you mean that you want to add a low density fluid to a BBH simulation?
> --
> Ian Hinder
> http://members.aei.mpg.de/ianhin

中国 北京
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